More happy than not 

Adam Silvera, 4 stars 

I just finished reading More happy than not, a YA realistic fiction with a twist of sci-fi by the great author Adam Silvera (See What if it’s us). With its raving reviews, and heart-wrenching twists and turns, it’s the perfect YA book. WARNING! This book definitely is a roller coaster, so prepare for your heart to break! It’s about Aaron, a young sixteen-year-old from the Bronx, and finding out his sexuality. The scars of his father’s suicide and wanting to fit in line his battle armor, all while dealing with his new best friend Thomas. New feelings arise, and there’s of course another addition to the puzzle: his girlfriend Genevieve. Don’t be fooled by the slow start. After part 1 everything starts to fit together, creating this beautiful masterpiece of a book. I would rate this four stars, and for everyone who is also an LGBTQ teen, this heart-wrenching journey is so raw and real. Don’t worry, it’s not an Adam Silvera book without snarky humor and hilarious references. I read the deluxe edition, which is just another extra special chapter of Aaron’s journey. Honestly, I need some time to wallow after that!

                        Adam Silvera, author                    

Book cover of More Happy than Not

Cover design and art by Alexis Franklin. Courtesy of Adam Silvera